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 SOLAR SUN SCREENS by Cambridge Doors & Windows

Learn about Energy Loss and Your Home


The U.S. Dept. of Energy says in its 1994 study, that shading the outside exposed windows or doors is the best way to stop heat build up. The Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Clearinghouse says that roughly 40% of heat build-up and heat loss is through windows and doors. External shading is the most effective home treatment to counter these effects. Shading the exposed windows and doors can reduce temperatures by as much as 20 degrees. Exterior solar window shadings such indoor window film or blinds or insulated drapes do not block, reflect, or absorb the solar rays before they pass through the glass. The results are simple, heat builds up inside your home.
80% SunTex with exterior
colonial grills

Solar rays can damage your valuable interior furniture, plants, and floor coverings. Exterior shading screens blocks 80% to 90% of the damaging suns rays before they get to the glass.

 Cambridge Doors & Windows is proud to build & sell Phifer SunTex Solar Shading products. Phifer makes a poly fiber, vinyl coated shading fabric in four colors and two densities, 80% & 90%. This fabric combined with an all aluminum 1" wide by 5/16 inch thick frame makes a heavy-duty window or door shading screen that is as good as you can buy.

Our Phifer Solar Shading Screens will save you money on your utility bill.

Phifer SunTex Heavy Duty Shading Fabrics Blocks Up to 90% of the Sun's Hot Rays

SunTex is a unique woven mesh that can block up to 80% of the sun's hot rays before they enter your windows, doors, patios and skylights.Built and designed for the Texas Gulf Coast Area.

Made of Long-Lasting Vinyl-Coated Polyester Fabric

SunTex exterior shading is made of strong vinyl-coated polyester fabric. Developed originally for use in outdoor furniture, SunTex is mildew and fade resistant and needs only an occasional cleaning with mild soap and water.

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Phifer SunTex is a fabric woven of extremely strong and durable vinyl-coated polyester yarns. The uniform weave design offers excellent outward visibility and good ventilation. SunTex is available in a choice of four earth tone colors. The fabric is also pet resistant making it ideal for use in doors and full-length screen panels.

The uniform weave design offers excellent outward visibility and good ventilation. Shading is approximately 80%, and SunTex is available in a choice of five earth tone colors. The fabric is also pet resistant making it ideal for use in doors and full-length screen panels. Frames come in aluminum, beige, white and bronze. Phifer Suntex is available in 5 different colors: grey, brown, black, stucco, butterscotch.



Our pricing includes the 1" aluminum frames. Frames come in four colors: bronze, aluminum, white and beige. We custom build screens for windows, doors, skylight, soffit/eve vents & much more!

Save Dollars and Cut Utility Bills!

The diagram here shows a window with Brown Sun Tex installed. In mid summer as much as 230 BTUs can fall on each unprotected square foot of glass.

With Sun Tex installed, up to 80% of the sun's heat and glare is reflected, absorbed and dissipated before it strikes the window.

  • Extremely durable
  • Excellent outward visibility
  • Protects against fading and sun rot of your window treatments, furniture, drapes, blinds, rugs and carpeting caused by the sun's harmful UV rays.
  • Provides daytime privacy
  • Lets in soft light and breezes
  • Reduces glare
  • Pet Resistant

Phifer Solar Sun Screens

Solar Screens Benefits

Blocks the Sun, Not the view

Cuts Utility cost, Save up to 30%
Less wear & tear on your A/C unit
Will usually pay for themselves in 2 A/C seasons
Blocks harmful UV rays up to 90%
Reduces carpet, furniture, & drapery fading
Reduces glare & Lowers your energy cost
Provides daytime privacy, Reduces glare on daytime TV
Allows you to open your blinds and gain your view back
Holds heat in, in cooler months

80% SunTex
80% SunTex
Top Ten Reasons to Buy Solar Screens from Cambridge Doors & Windows

     10. Sun's energy is absorbed by the open weave design of the fabric and  then dissipated through the holes in the mesh as air moves through it.

9. Exterior sun shading stops the heat before it enters the home, like having a shade tree in front of every window in your home.

8. Blocks up to90% of the visible light heat which is responsible for 44% of the heat gain into a home.

7. Stops up to 90% of the UV Rays from entering your home which can cause fading of valuable furnishings.

6. Provides daytime privacy, blinds can be left open and nobody can see into your home.

5. Blocks on average 90% of the heat entering the home, that is not an "up to" number, that is the average with the sun at all angles, with a high angle in the southern sky the blockage is almost 100%!!

4. Can be taken off and removed in the winter to allow solar heat gain for passive heating of the home and cleaning of the window.

3. DOES NOT void the window warranty for the majority of window manufacturers.

2. Provides a third layer of insulation for double pane windows making them 15% more energy efficient in winter time.

1. Doesn't make you home darker, now you can leave your blinds open all day instead of closed like they are now, actually the net effect is more light into your home!




Top Ten Reasons Not To Buy Window Tint

     10. The Shading Coefficient, or the percentage of solar heat gain that is transmitted to the interior of your home, is 5 to 8 times worse with window tint versus solar screens. 

9. Overall cost of window tint is 20%-50% more than solar screens to install. 

8. The metal in window film is a natural conductor of heat and although infrared and visible light are addressed, conductive heat can negate the reflective qualities of tint and actually cause more heat to enter the living space. 

7. With the new lines of clear window films there is a high probability of future window cleaning causing permanent scratches on the tint because the cleaner can't detect its' presence! 

6. Need care when cleaning to never use anything abrasive or you will cause permanent damage to the film. 

5. Tint is permanently attached to the window and can never be removed without considerable time and expense. 

4. May cause thermal shock fracture when installed on insulated glass units because of undetected manufacturing defects of the insulated glass unit itself.  The heat and pressure caused by the tint may exasperate the defect. 

3. If not installed correctly the customer can see visible lines and bubbles. 

2. Voids the warranty on the majority of manufacturer's window warranties. 

1. Window tint doesn't block as much visible light heat as solar screens.



Cambridge Doors & Windows can  perform all the energy efficient & secutiry saving improvements in your home or building including: repalcement windows & doors, hurricane windows & doors, custom entry doors, custom millwork, designer entry hardware, custom door staining & painting in Fort Bend County & Harris County.

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